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we are all experiencing, in both our professional and personal lives, a fast-changing world where climate considerations (decarbonization, circular economy) and digitalization are becoming a daily subject. I am convinced that constructing sustainable buildings, with particular attention to climate change mitigation and adaptation, is the way forward for our industry. BIBM believes that precast concrete can make a positive contribution to the sustainability of our planet. This belief is encapsulated in the 2021 edition of the “Little Green Book of Concrete”, where we presented not only the sustainable advantages of precast concrete, but also the engagement and readiness of the industry to provide more circular and decarbonized solutions for the built environment. Precast concrete is a proven and necessary material that contributes to social development, creates more energy efficient and low-emission buildings, and also enables stable infrastructure, sewage management, water and energy supply. It is used where structural stability has to be maintained for long periods. Furthermore, it can be designed for re-use, or recycled, creating a safe and healthy urban environment.

At the BIBM Congress in Copenhagen we will gather together from 14-16 November to discuss the future of European construction by taking inspiration from Nordic excellence. It is the chance for the precast industry to showcase our commitment for innovation and smarter construction solutions and to share ideas for the benefit of the whole sector.

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