Refined prestressed concrete elements

(10) US 20220356703A1

(22) 25.07.2022

(43) 10.11.2022

(57) Disclosed invention comprises innovations in the fabrication process and the associated design methodology for producing refined prestressed concrete elements/components. The innovations disclosed are fabrication using multiple stages, the use of ultra high strength materials for only critical subcomponents, utilizing thinner sections made of ultra high strength materials, and a unique method of inducing and controlling camber. The embodiments of this invention enable the accelerated construction of concrete structures that are both durable and cost effective. This disclosure demonstrates the significant improvements to the prior art in the areas of durability, constructability, and cost reduction for prestressed concrete components. The embodiments pre-sented in this disclosure are for bridge superstructure applications.

(71) Advanced Bridge Construction Tchnologies, Inc., Fredericksburg, VA (US)

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