Method for producing construction element

(10) WO 2021/001597 A1

(22) 24.06.2020

(43) 07.01.2021

(57) The present invention relates to methods for producing construction elements which outermost surfaces are coated with coating elements (101, 109) such as natural stones or the like. The method comprises layering first coating elements (101) on bottom of a mould to produce a first outermost surface of the construction element, adding filler material to slits between the first coating elements, layering to the mould a sealant, and pouring to the mould an admixture comprising self-compacting concrete to produce a concrete layer (104). For forming the second outermost surface, an arrangement comprising second coating elements (109) layered on reinforcement means and an elastic member arranged on the layered second coating elements and protruded into slits between the second coating elements is mounted on the concrete layer and removing the elastic member. Alternatively forming of the second outermost surface comprises patterning of the concrete layer.

(71) STONELEMENT OY [FI/FI]; Erapyhantie, 975, 35220 Erajarvi (FI)

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