Rebuilding of infrastructure in Iraq with automated production

Many construction projects can be completed more quickly and safely using prefabricated concrete elements. Given the growing demand for affordable housing and new infrastructure, this construction method makes a remarkable difference in Iraq. Fourth Dimension Precast has been manufacturing precast products since 2002 and has now invested in new machinery and software from Progress Group.


Automation benefits the construction industry

Fourth Dimension Group has invested in new machinery and software from Progress Group to modernize their reinforcement production. Now they can be even quicker and more accurate in the production of precast elements for different housing and infrastructural projects. The required reinforcement can be produced in a fully automated process using the new mesh welding plant and stirrup bender to provide high-quality elements such as wall panels, beams and columns, hollow-core slabs, girders and planks.


Building with precast – the future of affordable construction?

“Yes,” says Precast Manager Osama Shatat, adding: “The main advantages of the precast technology are quality, speed of construction and a value-for-money product. We all know the proverb ‘Time is Gold’, so the future of building depends on precast,” says Mr. Shatat. The use of such technology helps save up to 60% of the time compared to similar projects using other construction methods and technologies. Many impactful projects were already completed with precast elements from Fourth Dimension:


Automating reinforcement production

Fourth Dimension Precast invested in a new M-System BlueMesh mesh welding plant and an EBA stirrup bender from Progress Group to obtain their goal of saving time without compromising on quality. The tailor-made mesh for critical architectural and structural designs can now be produced in a fully automated process, which improves the production workflow and makes it possible to deliver within agreed deadlines. The machinery is easy to operate, the software feature is integrated, and the precision of the performance is remarkable according to the Fourth Dimension management. The stabos software solution integrated in the machinery makes it possible to automate the collection and analysis of production data. Centrally collected data increases the productivity and quality of the plant even further.


Why Progress Group?

“We chose Progress Group for our own progress because we noticed that their machinery has high energy efficiency and advanced technology, is cost-efficient as well as easy to maintain. Also, the machines do not need a lot of space and have a low staff requirement,” states Mr. Shatat, and adds: “I would recommend the machinery and the company 100%. They are always available for us, which is a big benefit.”


Fourth Dimension
Aweerij Industrial Area
South Baghdad/Iraq
+964 1 7789762
Progress Maschinen & Automation AG
Julius-Durst-Straße 100
39042 Brixen/Italy
+39 0472 979159

Progress Software Development GmbH
Julius-Durst-Straße 100
39042 Brixen/Italy
+ 39 0472 979159

Fourth Dimension Precast is a subsidiary of Fourth Dimension Group, the leading Baghdad (Iraq) based group focused on building material and construction-related industries. Fourth Dimension Precast has been manufacturing precast products since 2002.

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