Prefabricated assembly and cast-in-place concrete combined wind turbine foundation

(10) WO2022/252754A1

(22) 17.03.2022

(43) 08.12.2022

(57) A prefabricated assembly and cast-in-place concrete combined wind turbine foundation, comprising a prefabricated assembly part and a cast-in-place concrete part. The prefabricated assembly part is annular, the prefabricated assembly part is embedded in the cast-in-place concrete part, and bolts are embedded in the prefabricated assembly part. According to the present application, the stress characteristics of the fan foundation are considered, the process characteristics and advantages of prefabricated concrete and cast-in-place concrete are fully utilized, high-strength concrete factory prefabrication is used in the main stress area of a foundation structure, thereby overcoming the difficulties of scattered wind farm construction points, poor construction conditions, and difficulty in construction quality control and supervision are overcome, and better ensuring concrete strength pouring quality in a key stress area than use of only cast-in-place construction; cast-in-place concrete is used in a non-main stress area, and a lower concrete strength grade is used while design requirements are satisfied, thereby better adapting to construction operation conditions and reducing project costs; the volume of on-site concrete pouring is reduced, thereby improving the on-site construction efficiency of a project.

(71) Huaneng Clean Energy Research Institute [CN]

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