Manufacturing method of structure using wall module

(10) JP2021130910

(22) 18.02.2020

(43) 09.09.2021

(57) Provided is a manufacturing method of a structure 1 having multiple wall modules 11. Each of the multiple wall modules 11 has a vertical wall part 20 and a foundation part 30 extended in the width direction of the wall part, and has a foundation part with a length W1 in the first direction 9 along the width direction of the wall part shorter than a width W2 of the wall part. Side faces 31a and 31b in the first direction of the foundation part include a part 60 with a lower side extended sideward in relation to an upper side, at least at one part. After the construction of foundation concrete 51 for placing the foundation part, multiple wall modules 11 are arranged on the foundation concrete 51, with the wall parts adjacent to each other, and a concrete connection layer is constructed in a region including spaces 70 between the side faces of the adjacent ...

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