Precast concrete wall structures, and methods for manufacturing and installing the same

(10) US 2021/0071383 Al

(22) 05.09.2019

(43) 11.03.2021

(57)   Herein disclosed are precast concrete wall structures, and processes for manufacturing and installing the same. Wall structure may be wall segments and may comprise a precast concrete monolithic body including a ground-engaging footer and a vertical wall supported by the footer and extending upwardly from the footer. Methods of making wall segments may comprise the steps of providing an initial casting mold, pouring an initial portion of concrete, install­ing a final casting mold, pouring a final portion of concrete, allowing the initial and final portions of poured concrete to cure to a final hardened state, and removing the initial and final casting molds. Methods of installing wall segments may comprise the steps of excavating the construction site, grading a ground surface at the construction site, positioning a plurality of pre-cast concrete wall segments, interconnect­ing adjacent wall segments, and backfilling adjacent an exterior side of the foundation wall.

(71) James Grawe, North Tonawanda, NY (US)

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