Apparatus and method for lifting a concrete slab

(10) US 2022/0282475 Al

(22) 23.05.2022

(43) 08.09.2022

(57) A lifting system utilizing a lifting apparatus for lifting a floor (e.g., a concrete slab) using the lifting apparatus to support a floor from under the floor during lifting. The lifting apparatus may have a first portion (e.g., an extension mem­ber and saddle) installed under a slab. Piers are driven into the ground through the first portion of the lifting apparatus. Thereafter, a second portion of the lifting apparatus is operatively coupled to the to the first portion and the uppermost pier. A lifting device (e.g., hydraulic ram) is operatively coupled to the lifting apparatus and/or the pier and is used to lift the slab.

(71) Independence Materials Group, LLC, Virginia Beach, VA (US)

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