Latest installations of automatic machines for precastapplications

Eurobend GmbH offers a comprehensive line of automatic machines covering every precast application: from the entry-level welding lines producing simple reinforcing elements and AAC-block reinforcements to complete plants producing precast mesh, wall panels, mesh/rebar spacers, trusses, girders and rebar forms in 2D and 3D design. Eurobend’s latest installations include the following machines:

AMM series

In addition to the flexible PL X-Y welding machine for the production of precast reinforcement elements and mesh with openings, a second fully automatic welding machine has been installed at Holterman Wapeningsstaal BV in Markelo, Netherlands. This fully automatic mesh-welding line for the production of precast mesh and mesh with openings used in precast panels is equipped with Eurobend’s unique patented wire-feeding system, which eliminates diameter changeover times. Any type of mesh can be produced instantly without manual adjustments.

The patented wire-feeding system enables this machine to produce large and small batches/orders consecutively without any downtime. Both the line and cross wires are automatically fed by two Flexi-Line rotor straightening and cutting machines with hyperbolically profiled rollers offering automatic changeovers for up to six different diameters through the patented convergence diameter changeover system. In addition to the above, the separate de-coiling station compartments permit new coil feeding during machine operation, thus ensuring continuous production of the welding line even when changing coils and providing maximum operator protection. This machine can process up to 12 mm line and cross wires. Similar machine models processing up to 16 mm and 20 mm coiled material have been installed in Russia and Israel.


AKK series

The latest installation of the AKK series for the production of mesh in sheets was at Ayes Celik, in the industrial area of Istanbul, Turkey. This is the second Eurobend machine installed at Ayes Celik, after the installation of the PLT B Spacer about a year ago.

This new AKK welding line sets new standards in mesh production, as it completely eliminates idle time and at least doubles productivity in comparison to conventional welding lines. The production of all types of mesh is achieved instantly, without any adjustments. The machine concept enables automatic mesh spacing and dimension changes. A single coil replaces all line wire de-coiling stations, and the double line and cross wire de-coiling station ensures continuous operation.

The patented Automatic Wire Orientation System (AWOS) permits the use of a high-speed roller straightening module for line wire feeding and absorbs all wire straightening imperfections. The flexibility offered by the AKK welding lines eliminates the need to stock large quantities of ready mesh as is the case with conventional welding lines. This machine can process up to 12 mm coiled material for cross and line wires. The AKK series also includes smaller machine models processing diameters of up to 6 mm and 8 mm of coiled material.


PL TRIS lattice girder series

Together with the existing machine of this type installed a few months ago at Holterman Wapeningsstaal BV in Markelo, Netherlands, another lattice girder machine was installed at the same location. This is the latest version of this machine type, following the previous installations in Dammam and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in Latin America and the United States. The PL-TRIS series of lattice girder welding lines can produce most types and sizes of lattice girders. The straightening section employs roller and rotor straightening technology with leveling anti-twist rollers.

The PL-TRIS series has a unique continuous bending system for double and quad-step lines with retractable bending pins for the two diagonal wires, which ensures accurate and consistent operation. It is equipped with powered de-coiling stations for line and diagonal wires with tension detector or wire loop accumulators, depending on the machine type, ensuring the smooth and accurate feeding of wires.


PLT B Spacer series

In addition to the installed PL AMM and PLR welding lines for the production of flat mesh, Eurobend’s customer Vimco Inc. based in Pennsylvania and Maryland, the biggest US producer of bar supports, is using the Eurobend PLT B Spacer series to run its production. With 25 Eurobend machines (mesh welding lines, bar support welders, straightening and cutting, 3D wire bender, dowel basket machines), Vimco is supplying precast producers throughout the US and Canada. Apart from Vimco, all major bar support producers in the US are using the PLT B series for their production demands. Outside the US, Eurobend’s bar support machines have been installed in Germany, Russia, Israel, Brazil and UK.

All bar support machines of the PLT and PLR B Spacer series offer high production speeds (one full product in less than 4 s) whilst also featuring fast and accurate product changeovers.

They are available with either “T” type or overlap “R” type welding heads, depending upon the required welding style between the cross and runner/line wires. Easy product height adjustment from 25 to 250 mm is achieved due to minimal manual adjustments. The machine is equipped with a smart revolving collector ensuring fully automatic, synchronized stacking and batch removal.


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