Ladies and Gentlemen,

on December 9, 2022, the Gesellschaft für deutsche Sprache (German Language Society) selected “Zeitenwende” as the word of the year 2022. This term refers to a change or transition in society, or to a watershed moment or turning point. It is often used in a historical or technological context. In relation to our industry, “Zeitenwende” means that traditional construction practices and technologies are changing and must meet new requirements in terms of sustainability, efficiency and digitalization.

We share the responsibility for developing environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions for concrete construction and for further advancing the sound approaches that already exist. Using resources efficiently, mitigating environmental impact and taking social and economic aspects into account to create buildings and structures that are viable in the long term: This will be our common challenge in the coming years.

Concrete is a fascinating construction material that plays a major role in shaping our modern world. To master the challenges of the 21st century, however, it is crucial to add sustainability to concrete construction. In this respect, methods from the fields of artificial intelligence or digitalization can play a key role. The German Committee for Structural Concrete is implementing all necessary changes through specific projects that form part of its “Building sustainably with concrete” roadmap.

Yet, besides technology and sustainability, it is also a great passion that drives us. Our passion for concrete as a fascinating material, for innovative solutions and for shaping a sustainable future. Our speakers and attendees share this passion and will enrich us with inspiring presentations and discussions.

We thank you for your interest and participation in the Ulm BetonTage congress. Together we will gain exciting insights, share ideas and set things in motion for the future of building with concrete.

We wish all of you an event that is both inspiring and enriching!


Yours sincerely,



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