Grid beam system for slab formwork

(10) WO 2023/012675A2

(22) 03.08.2022

(43) 09.02.2023

(57) The present disclosure relates to a grid beam slab formwork (100) comprising of primary beams (104), secondary beams (106), multi-level drophead unit (102), and props (118). The multi-level drophead unit (102) offers up to or more than six connection points for the primary beams (104) and the secondary beams (106). The multi-level drophead unit (102) allows the construction of an additional structure that otherwise requires a separate drophead or an adaptor thereby reducing an overall cost associated with the formwork. Moreover, the multi-level drophead unit (102) enables the creation of the platform wherever needed. On the other hand, the adapter (116, 301) prevents entrapment of the sheathing members, such that the beams can be removed when the concrete has achieved required strength and the load can be taken by the props (118).

(71) Peri SE [DE]

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