Green Challenge

When we recently started our appeal by email to kick-off our newest BFT “Green Challenge,” dear readers, we had not expected such powerful resonance – in addition to orders for the main article by the external specialist author, Dr. Joe Harder, we received so much response from advertising clients, PR agencies and other companies and individuals who had so many burning questions about this important topic that we could have filled an entire issue of BFT with these replies alone.

For that reason, our editorial team has decided to include this topic initially in the issue of BFT 12/2023, before you, on after all 28 printed pages and to follow up with continued treatment of this topic already in the following BFT 1/2024. We will then address the Green Challenge topic regularly in later issues, if at intervals of more than one month.

The tremendous range covered here by the Green Challenge topic is especially fascinating to us (and, hopefully, to most of you): beginning with brief press releases from Solid Unit, Elkon and Metten on more extensive coverage by Sika Deutschland, and will cover numerous topics, including a comprehensive article from Sika Deutschland, as well as the technical paper stated at the beginning here. You can already now look forward to our next issue of BFT, which features a comprehensive report from the Ippesheim Weber concrete plant, which is taking a new approach to the use of energy-saving thermo concrete mesh.

In this sense I wish you in the name of the whole BFT team Merry Christmas and a good start into the new year.


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