Challenge Sustainability

Dear readers of BFT International, transformation of the economy all the way to sustainability is a central task of the coming decades. At the core of sustainability are the economic, social and ecological aspects that must be brought into balance. In economic terms, compared to other construction materials and construction products, the precast industry is competitive. The markets are primarily regional, so that competition from outside Europe has only a minor influence. With regard to social requirements, the German precast industry, being a pronouncedly regionally oriented industry, is based on primarily European raw and starting materials. It is therefore well positioned, also with regard to supply chains. European social standards – compared to international standards – are strict, already today.

It is primarily, in the area of ecology, however, that the concrete industry as a whole must show improvement. This especially applies to decarbonation – by optimizing production, with new products, new construction structures and adapted concrete compositions. In this effort, every company is being called upon to find individual solutions. However, our industry as a whole must free itself from the stigma of being an ecological grubby kid. Sustainability certificates offer help here. They support companies in examining their performance with regard to sustainability, to have it independently assessed and to subsequently communicate it. Many positive developments, certifications and publications not only help the relevant companies, but also determine the image of the entire industry. “Do good and talk about it” is a good motto here.

The new Sustainable Precast System for sustainability certification of concrete, concrete elements and erection of precast elements is especially tailored to the precast industry. You will find more about it in the next issue.


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