Formwork system for production on tilting tables

The demands placed on modern formwork systems are constantly increasing. The trend is towards reusable and practical solutions that are easy to handle but can also be integrated into the rest of the workflow. It is precisely for these requirements that B.T. innovation GmbH has designed the new vertical shuttering system, a formwork system for the efficient production of concrete elements on tilting tables and battery formwork.

    The established H-shuttering system for simple stripping of the cured concrete elements in the vertical position served as the cornerstone. The new concept allows the formwork system to be reused directly, eliminating the need for repositioning. The vertical shuttering system has several magnets. The laterally mounted movable side parts release the concrete element during vertical removal and then reposition themselves automatically. This technology enables fast and concrete-friendly production of solid and sandwich walls both on tilting tables and in battery formwork.

B.T. innovation GmbH will be represented at bauma 2022 with two booths: Hall B1/Booth 325 and Hall B3/102). There, the Magdeburg-based company will present not only the vertical shuttering system but also other innovations that make construction easier and more efficient both on construction sites and in precast concrete plants.


B.T. innovation GmbH

Sudenburger Wuhne 60

39116 Magdeburg/Germany

+49 391 7352-0


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