Vollert Anlagenbau/Nuspl

Divisible tables for Russia

How to store an 11.9 m long tilting table with a shuttering width of 4.5 m in a 40-ft container with internal dimensions of 2.34 x 2.38 x 12.04 m? Nuspl developed a new design that provides exactly this option: the shuttering area of the tilting tables can be centrally divided in longitudinal direction. When folded away, even two tables fit into a standard container.

On the job site, the two halves of a tilting table are bolted or welded to each other, and carefully ground. As a result, the shuttering area again provides perfect evenness. The rigid, heavy-duty steel supporting structure makes it possible to freely position the table on any structurally sound and level shop floor.

Transport incurs significant costs, even more so if long distances have to be overcome, such as from Germany to sites in Russia. According to Alexander Kaspar, managing director at Nuspl, his company has developed this smart solution for exactly this reason.

Custom technical features

Nuspl is currently manufacturing three divisible high-performance tilting tables for a project in Russia. These tables are designed to produce 3.5 m high custom-made precast units for school and kindergarten buildings. The perimeter mold has a steel facing, and its height can be continuously adjusted from 180 to 400 mm using spindles. It can be hinged down for cleaning purposes.

The system is equipped with vibration-resistant heating coils positioned underneath the shuttering. Each table comes with eight continuously adjustable external high-frequency vibrators.


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