First Portable Precast Plant by Neulandt in Abidjan

Neulandt has been founded in 2019, specializing in the active development of future-oriented construction solutions. The portable precast plant is the mobile high-performances plant for the industrial production of precast elements that solves many challenges faced worldwide. The high-performance N3P increases the need for local manpower and minimizes transport requirements. The plant consistently delivers the highest level of structural quality from the beginning of the project until the end. The innovative butterfly technology is the key, which combines the advantages of horizontal precast preparation with vertical pouring. It enables the separation of the preoperational works such as installation of box-outs, reinforcement works as well as the assembly of installation inserts in a simple, fast and ergonomic manner. The number of casts in the battery mold can therefore be significantly increased, once the foldable steel construction (butterfly) is stoked it is lifted into the battery mold for pouring and initial curing.

Above all the mobile field factory increases the productivity of construction projects, standardizes quality and ensures value creation on site by using local labor. The factory, consisting of a robust tent (60m x 15m), two integrated cranes with a capacity of 10 t each, the heart of the factory, the battery mold equipped with the so-called “butterfly formwork”, is shipped in containers to any desired project location in the world. Already after 4 weeks of assembly the production is ready to start. Once the construction of buildings is completed on the one project site, the N3P can simply be dismantled and relocated to the next construction site.

Significant step towards industrialization in West Africa

The portable precast plant (N3P) by Neulandt was opened for the first time in Abidjan, where the access to affordable living space is a top priority. The company marks a significant step towards the industrialization of the construction sector in West Africa. The opening of the first mobile field factory on March 23,2023, Neulandt Côte d’Ivoire is part of laying the foundation for local ecosystems to achieve industrialization of construction, the main goal is to decrease the tremendous gap in affordable housing and infrastructure demand in West Africa and beyond.

In Abidjan, not only a production site was established but also a complete ecosystem on site, in which can be found a full support from planning to engineering to on-site installation, including on-site supply, assembly and support to secure financing for the purchase of a N3P. The plant will be able to produce up to 1000m2 of walls per day. The goal is the implementation of large-scale projects such as apartment buildings, infrastructure projects, etc. A two-shift operation enables, for example, the production of 400 units multistore buildings per year. Key point of the project is the mobility and flexibility of the factory; for this reason, when the Neulandt purchase department contacted MCT sales manager Eng. Luca Cellini, exposing to him the needs of the customer, he immediately proposed to them the MCT mobile batching plant type MCM. The containerized batching plant is able to produce high-quality concrete, it‘s no need for foundation, it‘s very easy assembly and disassembly and being immediately ready to use, all characteristics that the customer was looking for in the new batching plant.

A special partnership

MCM 3.1.25 batching plant equipped with moisture, plasticity and water-cement ratio control systems providing uniform concrete that meets the requirements of UNI EN 206-1.

The planetary counterflow mixer is able to produce high-quality concrete of each consistency class (from Slump 0 to Self-Compacting Concrete), making the MCM control unit extremely flexible and suitable for any type of construction industry. The mixer capacity of 1500 liters water volume ensure a production of 1 cubic meter of concrete each production cycle and a total productivity of 40/45 cubic meters per hour.

The software is the heartbeat of the batching plant and it guarantees the complete monitoring of the production processes, as well as the complete production report. The CompuNet system, developed by MCT Italy Software Development, consistently accompanies all the aspects of the production process and analysis of raw material storage levels. All parameters are displayed on the control cabin screen, and the operator can monitor the process in real time or request a report that is saved automatically.

With its remote assistance service, MCT technicians are able to monitor the customer‘s production and provide immediate support in case of need.

“We are proud to have provided a very technological product to a company renowned and esteemed as Neulandt and to have participated in an innovated project concerning social housing large-scale projects. We are sure that the collaboration between MCT Italy and Neulandt will continue over time.” states Eng. Luca Cellini, CIS Area Sales Director at MCT Italy.


Neulandt Côte d’Ivoire SARL

Abidjan, Commune de Cocody

Village M’Pouto, carrefour Sol Béni

01 BP 369 Abidjan 01/Ivory Coast

+225 27 22 49 80 25

MCT Italy Srl

Via Perugia 105

06084 Bettona/Italy

+39 0759 8855 1


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