From the idea via development right to the product

Just after approximately one year of research and development Umdasch Group Ventures, the innovation hub of the Umdasch Group, invited to take a look into the future by hosting an Open House day on October 18th and 19th, 2018.

80 people from Europe, Africa and the Arabic region participated to get to know the latest innovation called Neulandt 3P, a portable precast production line. 


Simple, fast, ergonomic

The factory, consisting of a robust tent (60m x 15m), two integrated cranes with a capacity of 10 t each, the heart of the factory, the battery mold equipped with the so-called “butterfly formwork”, is shipped in containers to any desired project location in the world. Already after 4 weeks of assembly the production is ready start.

The butterfly-technology is the key element for the factory’s productivity. It enables the separation of the preoperational works such as installation of box-outs, reinforcement works as well as the assembly of installation inserts in a simple, fast and ergonomic manner. The number of casts in the battery mold can therefore be significantly increased. Once the foldable steel construction (butterfly) is stoked it is lifted into the battery mold for pouring and initial curing.


High quality, double-sided surface finish

The precast segment dimensions can vary up to a maximum of 6.8m x 2.9m. The thickness is adjustable from 8 to 20cm. The precast segments convince with a high quality, double-sided surface finish, thus supporting a more efficient and cost-effective finalization of the shell construction.

The event did not only cover the introduction of the factory from a technical perspective. Visitors could see the impressively setup Neulandt 3P as well as the functionality of the butterfly.  

As an example for the technology’s result, which was specially developed for the sector of affordable housing, participants could view two sample houses. The houses consist of a kitchen, two bedrooms, a washroom with toilet and a living room, resulting in a total living area of 45m2.


Further innovations planned

The revolutionary portable precast plant will be marketed by the Neulandt GmbH, a business unit under the roof of Umdasch Group NewCon, the operative arm of Umdasch Group Ventures. Neulandt GmbH is now getting ready to conquer new construction fields with its first product, called Neulandt 3P, in order to support the growing demand of affordable housing. The obvious misspelling of “landt” was a purposely chosen melting of two German words. Land (English: land) and Stadt (English: town/city). The interpretation of the logo is left to each and every individual. You might want to see the peaks of the mountains in the horizon, you also can see the roofs of the houses of the emerging city or even the sand tails in front of the concrete batching plant. However, Neulandt will always relate this symbol to the butterfly technology of the plant.

Further projects are already in development. Stay tuned for upcoming innovations from Umdasch Group Ventures.


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