FCN presents the GeoCeramica
ceramic-concrete composite slabs

Premium patio slabs of modern design, easy to install and very easy to maintain – GeoCeramica from FCN are impressive in every respect. The perfect combination of ceramic and concrete makes every patio an eye-catcher, according to the manufacturer.

The Italian elegance of ceramic on patios is loved by many. However, the substructure required for this surfacing is work- and time-intensive. Although concrete slabs are easier to install, they are more susceptible to soiling. GeoCeramica combines the advantages of both materials – achieved by an inseparable connection of attractive ceramic slabs with a strong concrete substrate.

Choice of many design surfaces and colors

This ceramic-concrete composite system can be simply laid directly on chipping or sand. Integrated spacers create a uniform joint pattern. The basecourse consists of permeable Stabikorn concrete and offers, thanks to its weight, good positional stability.  The slightly flexible adhesive effectively connects the ceramic slab to the substrate. The ceramic surface, in addition to its flair, excels with its extraordinary robustness and is easy to clean. Class R 10 ensures good slip resistance.

GeoCeramica slabs from FCN are available in a wide range of trendy design surfaces and colors. Dimensions 60 x 60 cm and 80 x 40 cm, always 4 cm thick, are available for selection. The product brochure provides an overview and additional information about the composite slab.


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