Concrete plants installation in 3 cities of Germany
as bauma approaches

Elkon, which will participate in bauma fair, will welcome visitors from all over the world together with its business partners and colleagues from Elkon GmbH. New generation of Elkon concrete plants will be showcased in this year’s Bauma. The New Generation Elkomix-135 Quick Master compact concrete batching plant will be at the fair with its completely renewed design, offers many unrivaled new advantages besides the present benefits of the famous existing model, according to the supplier.

Another product to be exhibited in this year is the New Mix Master-30 Ultra-Mobile Concrete Batching Plant, which is ready to produce concrete anywhere without installation.


Elkon plants in Schmölln and Kottweiler

Elkon will be presenting latest innovations in concrete production such as energy efficiency and regeneration, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, environmental protection, green concrete production, etc. in its stand located at open air area no: FS.904/1.

Elkon is currently on the installation of 2 concrete plants in 2 different locations in Germany, and the installation of a very special concrete batching plant will begin soon. Elkomix-60 Quick Master compact concrete batching plant, which installation continues in the city of Schmölln, has an Elkon 1,500/1,000 liters planetary mixer, 2 pieces of 50 tons bolted cement silo and 60 m³ of aggregate bin storage for 4 different materials. Effective aggregate loading is carried out with the aggregate pre-feeding system. The second Elkomix-60 Quick Master compact concrete batching plant, which was started to be installed in the city of Kollweiler, has been specially placed to fully adapt to the customer‘s job site. Special materials stored in the existing building are loaded into the 4 compartments of the 8x10 m³ aggregate bin with the pre-feeding system. The other 4 compartments are buried in the ground so that they can be loaded with a wheel loader without ramps. This batching plant, which has a 1,500/1,000 liters capacity Elkon twinshaft mixer, is equipped with 3 pieces of 75 tons bolted cement silo.

The third one is a custom-made Elkomix-6016 precast concrete plant, which will be installed in the Bavarian state in the coming weeks, has been produced for one of the leading companies in the country, which has been operating carbon neutral for many years. In this facility, where energy efficiency is provided at the highest level, state-of-the-art technologies have been used for energy recovery and optimization. Aggregate storage bins with 16 different compartments can be fed from a single point by dump trucks through H-type distributor. All aggregate compartments are equipped with Elkon’s ultra-precise dosing gates to ensure dosing with 0.5% accuracy in each cycle. 1,000 liters and 250 liters capacity Elkon planetary mixers fed with separate aggregate skip buckets and mixer motors have frequency inverters for mixing speed control. 4 cement silos with 100 m³ storage capacity each are connected to the scales of both mixers. This state-of-art custom made concrete plant, where many more advanced technologies are used, will start production in the beginning of 2023.




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