Batching plants for New Zealand, Ghana and New Caledonia

Elkon is the only manufacturer of concrete batching plants in Turkey, that has been listed among the „top 1000 export companies“, thanks to their successful exports throughout the world. The list has been announced by the Turkish Exporters Assembly annually since 2006.

Elkon has subsidiaries and/or sales partners in Germany, Russia, Egypt, Algeria, Ethiopia, Chile, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Columbia, Lebanon, Nigeria, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, the Ukraine and Hungary. By supplying batching plants to New Zealand and New Caledonia, the company has recently entered the oceanic market, too.

Customers in New Zealand supplied with compact batching plants

Elkon supplied two different customers in New Zealand each with an Elkonix-35 PL Quick Master compact batching plant. One of the concrete batching plants is used for the production of precast concrete elements.

Each concrete plant is furnished with the same plant performance as the Elkon planetary mixer 750/500 l, 3 compartments for various aggregates and two horizontal 40-ton cement silos. The new horizontal silos provide for a high degree of mobility, ensuring an installation in a very short time, thanks to their design. Moreover, they are equipped with a special cement conveying screw, allowing for a convenient material flow. For a maximum of mobility, the silos can be easily loaded on trucks and carried to the next job site.

Two Elkon Concrete Plants for Ghana

A Danish Civil Engineering firm got a contract from the Ghana Highway Authority for construction of Danida Bridges in Northern Ghana last year. The project includes the construction of seven composite bridges in concrete and steel as well as the establishment of ramps and renovation of 20 km of road.

Being well-known both in European and African construction markets with hundreds of high quality concrete batching plants supplied, Elkon was the first name the company considered as their concrete plant supplier for this project.

Within the scope of the project, Elkon supplied two units of Elkomix-60 Quick Master compact concrete batching plant with aggregate transfer belt option. Both concrete plants have a production capacity of 55 m³ of concrete per hour with 1500/1000 l twin shaft mixer. Having 4x20 m³ aggregate storage bins allows storing and using four kinds of aggregate material.

On the other hand, each concrete batching plant has an isolated water tank along with water chiller unit to cool the water used in the concrete production to have better quality concrete even in too hot climate.


New Caledonia a new country in the export geography

Elkon has quite recently shipped an Elkomix-35 Quick Master compact concrete batching plant to New Caledonia, a new country for exports of Elkon, located approx. 1,500 km off the northeast coast of Australia. This plant equipped with a 750/500 l pan type mixer and four aggregate storage bins just requires a minimum space on the site. Moreover, the plant is installed and dismantled within a remarkably short time.

As this concrete batching plant was especially conceived for transport by sea, it is possible to ship the main unit in one 40‘ open top container. The bolted cement silo with a capacity of 75 tons is likewise shipped in a 40‘ open top container, thus minimizing the transport costs.

The Vinci Group that decided in favor of the Elkon batching plants will operate those for their new project in New Caledonia. Confident of the quality and the reliability of their plants, the Turkish supplier is very glad about the beginning of a fruitful cooperation in Oceania with a group of companies that already uses several Elkon plants in various countries around the world.

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