New construction systems and CO2-optimized plant concepts at the bauma 2022

At bauma 2022 in Munich, Vollert will present the latest machine technology for modern precast concrete production from October 24 to 30 (Hall B1, Booth 225). The focus will also be on the megatrends of digitalization as well as new construction systems and production-side CO2 savings potential. In addition, visitors can discover 360° live on site the latest plant concepts in 3D.

Sustainability and climate neutrality are one of the key challenges of today. Policymakers and the construction industry must rise to this challenge. Materials and building systems must evolve in order to achieve the climate targets that have been set. This applies to the construction process itself, but new solutions must also be found in the life cycle of residential buildings and in the industrial manufacturing process.

New building systems and modern architecture in demand

Against this background, today‘s urban architecture has to meet numerous requirements. Specifically, the limited raw materials must be used in a resource-efficient manner and modern living space must be provided in accordance with the latest energy guidelines and building standards under cost and time pressure. There is also often a lack of answers to the current weather and climate changes or the increasing number of natural disasters. 1,300 earthquakes with a magnitude of 5 to 6 currently occur every year, causing immense damage and an estimated 50,000 deaths worldwide. In this context, the Motus construction system makes it possible for the first time to construct 16+ residential buildings with prestressed concrete hollow core slabs even in seismically active regions. Since 2019, versatile construction projects with interesting architectural highlights such as cantilevered balconies have been created. Some of these will be impressively highlighted in more detail at the bauma on the Vollert stand 225 in hall B1.

„In addition, we see that in many mega-cities, especially in Africa, parts of Asia and Latin America, affordable housing is to be created for the growing populations in ever shorter time cycles. Social housing – for this purpose as well, we have now worked out an ideal solution with the new Green Village construction system,“ explains Igor Chukov, who is responsible for the development of the new system construction at Vollert. It is based on solid concrete components for walls and ceilings that are efficiently and systematically combined with each other. Production takes place on high-performance tilting tables in the immediate vicinity of the construction site in order to keep transport costs low.

„In addition to the construction systems described above, we will also show at bauma in Munich how industrially produced precast concrete elements are used in architecture in a variety of ways today,“ Igor Chukov continues. Whether colored fair-faced concrete, graphic concrete, blasted and etched walls or innovative, carbon reinforced concrete parts, the options for the construction industry here are more versatile today than ever before.

#greenfab: Sustainably reduce CO2 emissions, cut costs

„We currently see another megatrend in the topic of CO2 emissions and how these can be sustainably reduced in the precast concrete plant while at the same time lowering the costs for raw materials and energy,“ explains Björn Brandt, Vice President of precast concrete plants at Vollert. With the new #greenfab seal, Vollert has developed a special offer to meet these challenges. This ranges from new energy-efficient curing methods of concrete, innovations in the machine technology itself, to the application of carbon reinforced concrete for material savings or alternatives in energy supply and reduction.

But not only the right machine technology is crucial. The increasing digitalization of processes in the precast concrete plant is an equally sustainable trend. The control system software used as the brain of the modern precast concrete plant is crucial here. It forms the central interface for the exchange of data from preliminary planning and technical design as well as for existing BIM and/or ERP systems. It is becoming increasingly important here to dispense with paper and replace it with large-screen displays and apps for cell phones. This will be another subject of discussion at bauma 2022.

Produce 360° live and in 3D

„Showing these and all other trends at bauma with real machine exhibits is unfortunately not possible. With this in mind, we would like to provide our visitors with a real up-close live experience to show our plant technology almost realistic“ describes Björn Brandt. In the decision for the right technology, the World of Precast offers an innovative 360° 3D live experience. Interesting start up solutions, the latest column/beams/TT or stair formwork as well as all circulation-based plant concepts are shown virtually. Webinars, expert talks and an extensive media library additionally feature a great deal of up-to-date know-how on all aspects of precast concrete production.


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