Thermally insulated precast wall element for
vertical concrete walls application and
manufacturing process

(11) EP 2 642 042 A1
(22) 27.08.2012
(43) 25.09.2013
(71) Applicant: Cemex Research Group AG, 2555 Brügg bei Biel (CH)
(57) Thermally insulated precast wall element for vertical concrete walls application and manufacturing process, the wall element comprising: a) a first concrete layer (1 ), of thickness (T1) from 100 to 600 mm, with the following characteristics:
- strength in compression from 0.1 MPa to 10MPa,
- slump flow between 400mm - 800mm,
- thermal conductivity between 0.07 W/m*k and 0.2 W/m*k,
- density between 0.3 tons/m3 and 1 ton/m3,
- air content between 30% to 60%,
b) a non-woven fabric...

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