Thermal anchor with depth limiter for exposed concrete façades

The new TA-HC thermal anchor for element and sandwich wall façades offered by building materials manufacturer Schöck is fitted with a new depth limiter which prevents the thermal anchor from being visible on the surface, thus guaranteeing the high quality of the exposed concrete walls. The new thermal anchor has also been developed for both supported and self-supporting facework. Depending on the project to be realized, the TA-HC connector can be adapted to different anchoring lengths and insulation thicknesses.

The Schöck thermal anchor made of glass fiber material is an energy-efficient alternative to stainless steel lattice girders when connecting the concrete skins of core-insulated sandwich and element walls. Due to the low thermal conductivity of the glass fiber reinforcement, the thermal anchor improves the thermal insulation properties of core-insulated concrete walls by 45%. It has therefore been certified as a passive house component in the façade anchor category.

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