New design software for concrete façades

The company Schöck Bauteile GmbH has released a new design software: Schöck Isolink for concrete façades. The program is now available for download at no charge.

The new software has been extended by various functions and offers planners numerous advantages in designing Schöck Isolink for sandwich and element walls – among them a user-friendly, individually adjustable input surface. In addition, new TA-HC and DC anchor types were integrated with depth limiter; automatic selection takes place by choosing the anchoring length. A further optimization of the new software are the design and installation algorithms that were completely revised. The newly integrated features include the design capacities in the current Z-21.8-1894 approval. A range of options are available for optimal installation of the anchors. In addition, the diagonal anchors can be arranged in a circle.

Schöck Isolink for easy planning

With the design tool, planners can graphically represent the necessary Schöck type TA-H/HC und TA-D/DC Isolink for core-insulated element or sandwich walls for their project. Design takes place automatically according to the chosen legal basis and depending on the geometry, the insulation material used and the boundary parameters. Selectable are both the national German as well as additional international design basics.

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