The green separating table for AAC production

Depending on the raw material composition, aerated concrete blocks tend to stick to each other. In order to reduce waste, the Masa range of products has therefore comprised a separating machine for many years, which comes into operation after the products have been hardened. The main advantage of the separating machine for „white“ products is that delicate products with low density and small wall thicknesses can be separated gently. Depending on the customers‘ requirements, a Masa aerated concrete block making plant can be equipped with a separating machine for „green“ products as well. The Masa green separating table can be integrated at the end of the cutting line and helps to prevent the block rows from conglutinating during the autoclaving process.

The Masa green separating table that is designed for a production capacity of up to 2,000 m³ per day proves to be a consummate solution due to its innovative design features.

Stability and variability

Even in case of high-density or reinforced products, the Masa green separating table has a high resistance to bending, as the bearing beams are made of solid steel plates. This means that edges breaking out at the upper side of the cakes are implausible.

After a cake has been separated, the bearing beams are simultaneously moved back to their initial positions. The time-consuming return of each single bearing beam is avoided. With this, Masa can present a technical solution for an improved cycle time.

Linear expansion of the bearing beams due to temperature conditions are compensated by a special bearing system. This helps to prevent the fresh aerated concrete cake from being deformed.

The separating gaps can be adjusted variably. The gap dimensions within one cake can vary so that it is possible to have bigger gaps (e.g. 2 mm instead of the standard 1 mm) in critical areas of the cake.

Cleaning and maintenance

To protect the sensitive mechanism from dirt, the Masa green separating table is equipped with a double protective plate system. There is only a small number of bearing areas that residual particles can stick to. In the open sections, collection plates are installed to prevent particles from falling into the mechanism. Experience shows that cleaning the green separating table once a day is normally sufficient.

To clean the bearing beams, the green separating table is equipped with an integrated brush. The cleaning process is carried out while the aerated concrete cake is moved out of the area of the green separating table. The cleaning interval can be adjusted individually with any loose particles falling onto the collection plates. Regular and systematic cleaning minimizes the risk of products sticking to the bearing beams, therefore reducing the risk of damage to the lower side of the cake.

Optionally, blowing-off systems for hardening grids and protective plates can be integrated. This helps to considerably reduce the manual cleaning requirements. Here, once again, the variably adjustable cleaning cycles turn out to be an advantage.

The Masa green separating table takes accessibility for cleaning and maintenance functions into account in its design and is equipped with a walk-in pit.

Handling and intelligence

The well-thought-out Masa control concept guarantees easy and comfortable operation.

The product data is recorded so that the required separation sequence can be selected automatically when different product dimensions are to be manufactured.

The green separating table is loaded with the help of an integrated roller track system. The equipment is installed in line so that the green cake does not have to be transferred. This proves to be very gentle on the product and helps to reduce waste.

As a strong partner for manufacturing equipment and process technology, Masa supplies proven solutions that are essential for a reliable production process. Our customers‘ success motivates and inspires us to design and construct machines that fulfill all requirements regarding quality and reliability. As a member of the sand lime brick and aerated concrete industry associations, we have access to an international centre of knowledge and excellence so that we can advise and support our customers in nearly all technical questions regarding the manufacturing of sand lime bricks and aerated concrete products.

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