Kuli Hebezeuge

The all-rounder crane: double girder bridge crane with rotating crabs

It has a weight of some 53 tons and is yellow. It is carrying loads of up to 16 tons and has a span of 40 m. On February 13, 2017, it was delivered from Remscheid to the customer located in Dormagen. The bridge crane was designed and manufactured by Kuli Hebezeuge, Helmut Kempkes GmbH based in Remscheid/Germany.

Among others, the bridge crane is used for handling of reinforcement steel meshes and reinforcement cages with a length of up to 25 m. It travels on a newly constructed outdoor crane runway with an overall length of 73 m.

Short delivery times
for spare parts

All components were manufactured at the two facilities of Kuli Hebezeuge, Helmut Kempkes GmbH in Remscheid. This includes, in particular, steel construction, control engineering, electrical installation, the manufacture of electric wire rope hoists and trolleys. Components such as the motors, gearboxes and rope drums are parts from a modular system. The individual parts are stock items and are assembled according to the requirements of the respective application. With this procedure, the user has the essential advantage that he can always count on the shortest delivery times even in the case of spare parts.

As a special feature the said crane is equipped with two rotating crabs with two hoists each and a lifting capacity of 4 tons each. These hoists can be controlled individually, together and for one or both crabs. Optionally with mesh grippers or in individual operation of the hooks, the most diverse transport tasks can be realized. The total rotation angle of 240° enables positioning of the materials in an optimum way.

Ease of operation and ­maintenance

The requirements regarding the transportation task were analyzed together with the customer, with the aim of being able to use an especially adapted crane for fast and reliable transportation of the materials. Comfortable operation and easy maintenance were also important aspects for the customer. Hence, the crane was provided with frequency converter in long and cross travel as well as in the slewing gear. This allows for a calm and fast transport of the suspended load.

The travel speeds were set to a product-specific speed of up to 32 m/min. during the cross travel and up to 63 m/min. during the long travel. All movements can be performed precisely by means of a radio remote control in belly box style with three master switches and twelve additional selection options. A completely installed second radio remote control ensures the high degree of availability. The crane has a maintenance walkway along one of the 40-meter-long girders as well as fully accessible rotating crabs. The control cabinets with air-conditioning have been installed on the walkway and on the rotating crabs and are service friendly.


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