Technical seminar on load-bearing structures made of precast concrete elements in Münster

The Association of German Precast Construction (FDB – Fachvereinigung Deutscher Betonfertigteilbau e.V.) and the Information Center Concrete (IZB - InformationsZentrum Beton) invite to come to the Mövenpick Hotel in Münster (Germany) to attend their technical seminar to be held on November 23, 2016 as part of the Architects and Engineer Forum West.

The event which is directed to architects and structural engineers will present the topic of load-bearing structures made of precast concrete elements from an aesthetical and structural point of view. In seven lectures, the speakers will focus on issues, like the following: Where are the optimization potentials in construction and design with precast concrete elements? What do you have to know about concrete used for load-bearing elements? What is the best way to use self-compacting concretes? How do we have to take tolerances in structural engineering into account?

Using a material like concrete that inherently is durable, reliable and can be produced in any shape, low overall heights at wide spans and short assembly times, precast concrete construction allows implementing load-bearing structures with wide spans in a cost-effective, reliable and sustainable way by means of prestressing. On the basis of good practical examples, the speakers will provide information in their lectures on the unconventional, diverse and versatile options to use precast concrete elements in structural design. Precast concrete elements allow the implementation of creative ideas in projects, finally completing them efficiently, too.

Detailed information on the technical seminar, the registration fees and the registration is available in the calendar of events at //www.beton.org" target="_blank" >www.beton.org:www.beton.org. The technical seminar will take place on November 23, 2016 at Mövenpick Hotel Münster, Kardinal-von-Galen-Ring 65, 48149 Münster.


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