Sustainably well insulated

Energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and durability are playing an increasingly important role for building products and building structures. In assessing the sustainability of buildings, environmental compatibility, longevity, and recyclability of the building products are also key factors for consideration.

Owing to its product-specific composition and manufacture, autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) from Porit can be classified among ecological masonry products. The major share of the raw materials needed for the manufacture of Porit ACC is extracted from quarries in the direct vicinity of...

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Issue 08/2016 Porit

Catalog of autoclaved aerated concrete masonry

The new edition of the “Mauer­werk” catalog from the German company Porit GmbH offers well-prepared information on all aspects of masonry made of Porit autoclaved aerated concrete. It serves a...

Issue 04/2012

More freedom of design with PORIT

The materials used in architecture should be subordinated to the design, but still contribute to it. The special properties of PORIT autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) provide a high measure of design...

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First Hess AAC autoclaved aerated concrete plant commissioned

Situated about 60 km east of Istanbul, in Hereke, which belongs to the Asian part of Turkey, the huge NUH group site extends directly at the Sea of Marmara. In this mountainous area, the group...

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Manufacturers of AAC products focus on broader product lines

Many customers who, as newcomers, have invested in recent years in the AAC market, had focused from the very start on the manufacture of large-size structural products, in addition to masonry blocks....

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More than 300,000 m³ autoclaved aerated concrete ­manufactured

The AAC plant of state combine stenovykh materialov Kubani  (OOO KSMK) manufactured in 2013 more than 300,000 m³ of autoclaved aerated concrete, achieving in this way a higher production output than...