Autoclaved aerate concrete

European standard for autoclaved aerated concrete masonry units

The product standards for masonry units – including those for autoclaved aerated concrete units – have been under new regulation since 01 April 2006. Following the end of the coexistence period for the national and European standards, the harmonized European product standard DIN EN 771-4 was bindingly implemented. In order to use the products described in it in Germany, the rules of the so-called application standard DIN V 20000-404 must be observed. Product properties that were previously contained in the national product standard, but were not covered by the European standard, are described in (residual) standard DIN V 4165-100.

Autoclaved aerated concrete masonry units in accordance with DIN EN 771-4
Following many years of strenuous harmonization efforts, the European standards for masonry units of standard series DIN EN 771 were adopted in 2005 and their use permitted since their publication in the European Official Journal of the European Communities of 01 April 2005. Linked to this publication was the stipulation of a so-called coexistence period that ended on 01 April 2006. During this period, both national and European product standards could be used. After that date, all national standards not in conformity...

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