Sustainable building with precast concrete ­elements in Dubai’s desert

In the run-up to Expo 2020, the city of Dubai with its 2.1 million inhabitants, attracting up to 10 million visitors per year, is about to become “the most sustainable city in the world”. Precast concrete elements are used for 500 townhouses and courtyard villas, being built on an area covering 46 hectares. This project was in focus at the Big 5 Show in 2015.

The Expo 2020, which will take place on a site in the middle of the desert about half an hour’s drive from the city center of Dubai, is obviously casting its shadows before. The emirate is preparing to host the most sustainable and environmental-friendly Expo of all time, according to its own statement. The city of Dubai with its 2.1 million inhabitants, attracting 8 to 10 million visitors every year, is about to become “the most sustainable city in the world”. The sparse desert country is to be transformed into an ecological Garden of Eden as desired by its ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid...

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