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Issue 02/2015 Day 1: Tuesday, 24th February 2015

Structural precast construction 1 – Built examples, technical concepts

40 High-performance concretes for filigree façades and custom elements – Self-compacting special concretes Hochleistungsbetone für filigrane Fassaden und Sonderanfertigungen – Selbstverdichtende...

Issue 02/2014 Day 1: Tuesday, 18th February 2014

Structural precast construction 1 – Built examples, ­technical concepts

44 Encompassing all facets of precast construction - The Fliegl Agrartechnik project in Mühldorf Fertigteilbau in all seinen Facetten – Bauvorhaben Fliegl Agrartechnik in Mühldorf (Oberbayern)...

Issue 06/2020

Precast modular structural building method

(10) US 2020/0131754 Al (22) 14.11.2019 (43) 30.04. 2020 (57) The present invention is a modular structural building method consisting of prefabricated, precast, composite rein­forced concrete...

Issue 02/2016 upstream fishway at Schwerte and seaport terminal at Jade ­Weser Port

Solutions in structural precast construction –

Precast reinforced-concrete elements have been successfully used in industrial and commercial construction for many decades. Such structural frameworks excel with their benefits in respect of fire...