The implementation of European standards in Germany

Construction standards establish uniform specifications of product characteristics, test methods to determine such characteristics, actual construction works and the design of buildings and structures. This approach aims to limit the virtually endless number of theoretically possible variations to a reasonable extent and, even more importantly, to arrive at comparable and reproducible methods and results. This approach of agreeing upon underlying conditions and specifications significantly improves the situation for construction product manufacturers and merchants, designers, construction...

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Implications of the ECJ ruling on the List of Building ­Regulations (Bauregelliste) B

In its judgment of 16 October 2014 (Case C-100/13), the European Court of Justice held that the Federal Republic of Germany had breached its duty stipulated in the Construction Products Directive...

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Water-endangering substances and small wastewater treatment plants –

On 24 April 2011, the new Construction Products Regulation (CPR) came into force and, on 1 July 2013, replaced the previously valid Construction Products Directive in its entirety. The requirements...


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In cooperation with the below-mentioned German associations, BFT International is publishing in this section the position adopted by these organizations on a current issue related to the German or...

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National requirements for construction products in building regulations

Incompleteness of harmonized standards Many of the harmonized product standards do not contain the complete range of methods and the degree of detail necessary to draw conclusions in respect of all...


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The ECJ has ruled that requirements of national building regulations may no longer be imposed on European harmonized construction products. For that reason, the German lightweight concrete industry...