New SLG Code of Practice

Stairs and steps made of concrete components for outdoor applications

The construction methods of staircases for outdoor applications fundamentally differ from those for indoor applications. In contrast to stairs in buildings which have to be designed and dimensioned in accordance with the requirements of DIN 18065 “Stairs in buildings; terminology, measuring rules, main dimensions” of March 2015, normative standards do not exist for outdoor stairs so far.

The SLG “Merkblatt für Planung, Ausführung und Instandhaltung von Treppen und Stufenanlagen aus Betonbauteilen im Außenbereich” (Code of Practice for the planning, construction and maintenance of outdoor stairs and step consisting of concrete components) is being developed and will compile the current rules of technology, hence representing both empirical knowledge and the competence of the manufacturing technology and application technology of construction products made of concrete in the field of stair construction for outdoor applications.

The outdoor application exposed to weathering lead to specific requirements concerning the safety in use as well as the building materials and the construction methods due to the climatic impact, in particular, owing to freeze-thaw cycles, precipitation and the use of de-icing salt. In this regard, the Code of Practice will state all essential terms and requirements including the specific requirements resulting from the standards and regulations on “barrier-free construction” and the rules of the statutory accident insurance and prevention associations and/or the statutory accident insurance.

The new Code of Practice shall apply to planning, construction and maintenance of outdoor stairs and steps exposed to weathering, which are designed in precast construction. The guideline is in particular dedicated to planners, manufacturing and construction companies, providing them with a well-founded overview of fundamental requirements related to current structural and safety aspects on stairs relevant for the professional planning, construction and maintenance; this is supplemented by practical application information and recommendations from the perspective of the precast concrete industry. Thus, the new SLG Code of Practice will contribute to the production of permanently functional and serviceable outdoor stairs and steps consisting of precast concrete elements.


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