FGSV standards

“ZTV Pflaster”, Code of Practice on “Low-Noise
Paving Methods”

The revision of the ZTV Pflaster-StB (Zusätzliche Technische Vertragsbedingungen zur Herstellung von Pflasterdecken im Straßenbau; Supplementary Technical Conditions of Contract for Installing Paving Blocks in Road Construction) became necessary as a result of the RStO (Richtlinien für die Standardisierung des Oberbaus von Verkehrsflächen; Guidelines for the Standardization of Surface Courses in Traffic Areas) published in 2012 and more recent experience gained with unbonded installation techniques. It is likely that the ZTV will be opened to specifying suitability for vehicular access to slab...

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Code of Practice on “Low-Noise Paving”

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