Precast Software Engineering

Software and services for industrialized construction

Precast Software Engineering is a leading provider of software solutions for the precast concrete industry. The company has a broad customer base which includes construction companies with their own precast production, precast concrete element plants and engineering offices.

Today, the market demands software that merges all running processes into a single effectively functioning unit for high-quality, industrialized precast element design. The precast applications of Precast Software Engineering guarantee optimum results using the combination of two tools: Planbar, formerly Allplan Precast, provides comprehensive functions for top-quality and efficient design of precast structures, ranging from series production to complex architectural elements. As an integrated solution, Planbar unites the strengths of 2D CAD and 3D BIM work. TIM, the Technical Information Manager, serves as an information tool and thus links the various departments of the precast company. Easy to use, TIM provides information about projects, their structure and status, and immediately visualizes the content - either as a virtual model or in the form of a table. Even delivery and assembly planning can be operated virtually.

Planbar and TIM are perfectly aligned tools and offer integrated precast element design with visualization across the entire process.

“Through decades of focusing on the precast design work our software solutions have achieved an unrivaled level of planning depth. An additional priority is the topic of interoperability. At the moment, interfaces and different file formats dominate the market, whereas we want to accelerate the concept of Open BIM through open data exchange with other modelling tools, ” explains Werner Maresch, Managing Director of Precast Software Engineering.

Our customers can rely on our high-performance software and on first-class, flexible and customer-oriented services. From the introduction of the software solution up to project support and optimization, we have well-proven concepts for training our customers’ employees. Furthermore, Precast Software Engineering offers longer-term project support. The consulting is especially recommended to new customers in the implementation phase and ensures that design work and production are optimally matched right from the start.

Precast Software Engineering, headquartered in Salzburg, was founded in 2005 and is a 100 % subsidiary of the ­Nemetschek Group.

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