Slip-resistant textured formliners for precast products

The Dutch community of Heerde is located around an hour and a half by car east of Amsterdam and has 11,200 inhabitants. The open and appealing architecture of the multi-functional community center Dorps-huis Heerde invites visitors to linger. The architectural firm of DAT from Tilburg was retained for the design of the center. The design of the multi-functional building with a library, theater, offices, and much more reminds one of a pavilion. Large window expanses on the walls and in the roof as well as light-colored materials on the floors, walls, and ceilings give the interior space a light and bright character.

The external walls are designed with masonry blocks in various light color shades. They provide a beautiful contrast to the green of the environment and the parking places, where red predominates.

Paths that connect

The buildings are situated between two streets connected by a footpath of precast concrete products. The path leads right through the middle of the building and is therefore of central significance. This is where all functions of the buildings merge, and is a popular place to meet.

The brushed finish over the concrete block surface ensures slip resistance. With this method, originating from the broom finish in-situ construction method, a relatively smooth concrete slab is first manufactured – into which fine grooves are subsequently fashioned with a metal broom. Attaining a uniform appearance of the sight-exposed surface requires great care.

Simple alternative

A much simpler method was to manufacture these precast slabs with textured formliners from NOE, marketed under the name of NOEplast. For casting, they must simply be fixed within the form in such a manner that they do not slip. Afterwards, the concrete is cast. The precast elements can be removed from the form as soon as they are hardened and the desired surface texture becomes visible.

For the community building Dorpshuis Heerde, those in charge choose the Sydney NOEplast textured formliner. The use of this formliner perfectly produces the surface finish of concrete with brushed finish and satisfies slip resistance as per DIN 51130 R12. To protect from dirt, they were additionally treated with a water-repellent agent that retains their attractive appearance for a long time.

More than a
hundred standard designs

In addition to the Sydney texture, NOE-Schaltechnik offers more than a hundred standard designs that are primarily used for upgrading wall surfaces. With the aid of NOEplast, for example, the surface texture of wood, masonry, natural stone, or concrete can be simulated. Any motifs up to ornaments with oriental flair are available. The manufacturer in addition offers users the possibility of realizing their own ideas. In most cases, only a CAD- drawing is required.

All NOEplast formliners are suitable for use both at the construction site and in the precast plant. They can moreover be used up to 100 times.

Successful choice of materials and good execution

The Dorpshuis Heerde is a popular meeting place in the community. The planners with their appealing concept for the building, a successful choice of materials, and good execution of the construction have created a building with a pleasing atmosphere.

NOE is the only single-source supplier of concrete forms and textured formliners and has a special installation service. On request, the NOEplast textured formliners can be delivered already mounted on concrete forms and carrier panels. As a result, NOE supplies the textured formliner ready for use and enormously facilitates work in this way, especially at in-situ construction sites. On request, NOE will also assume resource and cycle-time planning. In addition, construction companies enjoy assurance that the result is exactly in keeping with the requirements of the client.


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