Single-shear LD plug with European technical assessment

The new Schöck LD plug, according to the manufacturer, is the first single-shear plug with European technical approval in accordance with the German state building regulations. This plug is assessed as a structural connection for use in reinforced-concrete structures based on European Technical Approval and in accordance with ETA-16/0545.

The Schöck LD plug is available in two version: one made of galvanized, high-strength structural steel for indoor use, and the second of high-strength stainless steel for outdoor use. Both product options are labeled with the CE mark.

Compared to the previous Schöck plug ESD, the loadbearing capacity of the steel was increased by more than 150 % by using high-strength steel. In this way, plugs of smaller diameters but with equal loadbearing capacity can be effectively used, with reduction in material costs. To this effect, the product range was extended by introduction of the smaller 16 mm diameter. Following the European technical rating and the increase in loadbearing capacity, this plug can now be used – in addition to the previous areas of application – in new areas of application: for example, for floor connections and as replacements for corbels.

Fire protection in accordance with German state building regulations

The Schöck LD plug is currently the only such plug in Europe with a F120 fire resistance rating in an ETA. Following classification of the plug fire resistance rating, approval for use in accordance with the German state building regulations has been obtained: i.e, the time-consuming individual approvals based on fire protection certification are no longer necessary.


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