Haitsma Beton

Precast cells for Zaanstad penitentiary

Modular precast concrete units made by Haitsma Beton are partly used for the construction of the new penitentiary building in the Dutch municipality of Zaanstad. The construction consortium consisting of Ballast Nedam and Royal Imtech has awarded Haitsma a contract to supply 667 precast building units. The complete units of double and solitary cells including cast facilities allow for fast installation and mounting. The groundbreaking ceremony took place in May 2014; the completion of the prison providing room for more than 1000 prisoners is scheduled for mid 2016.

Some 20 to 30 units per week leave the factory of Haitsma Beton in parallel to the regular production. This will amount to an overall 607 double cells, 36 solitary cells, 8 barrier-free cells and 16 storage rooms.

Engineering, production and transportation

Hendrik Herder, Account Manager of Haitsma Beton, reports, “The production of these units is a new challenge for us both in terms of technology and logistics. Tolerances are very tight in modular construction, with high demands made on 3D engineering. The actual production moreover requires special formwork techniques.”

Apart from engineering and production, Haitsma Beton also provided for the transportation of the complete units as a building shell to the construction site.


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