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New impact sound insulation for concrete stairs

In these times, where living space is becoming increasingly scarce, architects and construction engineers are challenged to build multifamily, row, and double houses that offer style, safety, and comfort. Disturbing noises such as those generated when walking on stairs can be reduced by the dedicated use of effective solutions. Impact sound protection elements from the company H-Bau Technik provide reliable solutions that are simple and fast to implement, and that are without acoustic bridges.

The further developed Maxi design in the TSB and HQW product series offer top-quality sound insulation. With the new, 20-mm thick and approved elastomeric supports, they achieve impact sound reduction down to 39 dB. This exceeds even the requirements of the highest sound insulation class, DEGA 103 A* (German Society for Acoustics). They are thus especially effectively suited for erection of buildings with several dwelling units, temporary accommodations, or sick rooms. The stan-dard elements already meet the requirements of DIN 4109 and VDI 4100.

Schall-Isobox and ­Schall-Isodorn

The type-tested TSB Schall-Isobox for acoustically decoupling stair landings consists of a vibration-reducing EPDM bearing with optional mounting frame. The static loads are transmitted from the staircase via the impact sound insulation box to a concrete wall bracket, at the same time attenuating the oscillations of the impact sound. The reinforcement for the wall bracket can be provided on-site or ordered optionally. Positive and/or negative shear forces as well as horizontal forces can be transmitted, depending on the model.

In addition to the new Maxi version, the HQW Schall-Iso-dorn HQW product line has recently been issued the national technical approval Z-15.7-321. This approval officially attests to product fitness for use and/or applicability in the sense of the German State Building Regulations. Straight and helical staircases, as well as stair landings and platforms and open-air corridors can be provided with impact sound-insulating supports with high planning reliability. Joints up to 120-mm width can in this way be bridged so that thermal insulation can in addition be easily installed. The elements comprise an impact-sound insulation box with elastomeric bearing and load distribution plate, as well as a supporting member. Positive shear forces are transmitted.

Effective for a wide range

of requirements

The TSB Schall-Isobox and the HQW Schall-Isodorn product ranges are effective for virtually all requirements. With these models, in-situ concrete and precast elements can be supported both in masonry and concrete walls. There are practically no restrictions in layout planning or subsequent implementation. Whether the staircase is supported in the wall to the neighbor or not, or whatever specific form a staircase or stair landing should have – there are virtually no limits to freedom of design here. The building codes and the standards as well as the clients’ expectations for comfortable acoustics are always reliably satisfied.

H-Bau Technik, moreover, offers elements that reliably acoustically decouple stair cases and landings as well as floor slabs from impact sound.


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