New Type P Tronsole for slender precast stair landings

Optimizing the construction process while ensuring reliable soundproofing: This is what the new Type P Tronsole developed by Schöck achieves. It is perfectly suited to lifting slender precast architectural concrete stair landings into the right position within the previously completed staircase; and the landing can be walked on immediately thereafter. Not only does this DIBt-approved impact sound insulation element provide reliable structural support and effective soundproofing; it also provides more design freedom to architects and technical designers.

Many architects would welcome greater design freedom so that they can come up with custom staircase designs. In response to this requirement, the new Type P Tronsole developed by Schöck expands the company’s range of tried-and-tested soundproofing products: This impact sound insulation element tested in accordance with DIN 7396 has been optimized for precast and thus makes it possible to design slender architectural concrete stair landings without corbel support while complying with the most demanding soundproofing specification (Class III as specified in VDI 4100). It excels with its compact dimensions and load-bearing capacity of up to 65 kN, which provide ample room for distinct architectural design features, such as landings with a height of only 18 cm, circumferential air gaps, or integrated light strips creating an intriguing lighting pattern.

Optimized construction process ensures cost effectiveness

Thanks to the optimized installation process, the Type P Tronsole also permits considerable time and cost savings on-site. The prefabricated landing is lifted into the right position within the previously completed staircase. In the next step, the load-bearing profile and the wall element of the Tronsole are connected to each other and inserted laterally into the sleeve already embedded in the landing using the corresponding wall blockouts – and that’s all there is to it. Acoustic separation eliminates the need for installing a floating screed or for adhering to specific drying times. The landing can be walked on immediately after installation.

Effective soundproofing – a contribution to sustainable building

Impact sound insulation has a beneficial effect on the quality of life and health of residents. Particularly in multi-family homes, effective impact soundproofing of the staircase is indispensable for creating a sense of well-being and living comfort.

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