New highlight: ASM pile cage welding machine

Mbk is known in the industry for its spearheading engineering. As one of the leading manufacturers in the welding-machine and plant segments for reinforcement in building and underground construction, as well as for the precast concrete industry, the global player, according to mbk’s own statement, reacts fast and flexibly to the requirements of the rapidly changing and innovative market. The company is striving continuously to improve and extend its large product portfolio, in order to be able to offer solution concepts to customers the world over, from which they can generate genuine competitive advantages. For all developments, the individual requirements and needs of the customers are taken into consideration and this high degree of individualization is realized in a professional manner.

With the new ASM cage-welding machine for manufacture of reinforcement for impact-driven piles, as well as for columns and poles, mbk is extending its spectrum of offers. The manufacturer presents a machine that enables the highest measures of flexibility, individuality and cost efficiency.

Cage lengths up to 24,000 mm possible

With the ASM cage welding machine, circular reinforcing cages with external cage diameters from 236-274 mm to a maximum of 1,536-1,575 mm (depending on the number of longitudinal wires and wire cage combinations) can be manufactured. A maximum cage length of 24,000 mm is possible. The number of longitudinal wires can be randomly placed, and the diameters of the longitudinal wires range at around 12 to 25 mm, optionally at 12 to 32 mm. Asynchronous divisions in a cage are also possible.

The diameters of the winding wires range from 6 to 16 mm; diameters of 6 to 16 mm are also available (optional); the pitch of the winding wire lies at around 20 to 250 mm. The winding wires are fed from coils via wire guide stands, through the guides and along the guide rollers to the weld roll. A hydraulic cage support during production and cage removal is part of the stable production process.

Great ease of handling

The ASM is available in various varieties and welding methods: manual welding, gas-shielded metal arc welding, simple and multiple as well as electric resistance welding – which are among the machine’s impressive characteristics.

The ASM is operated by touch screen, which ensures great ease of handling, including programming and/or adjustment of the reinforcing cage and welding data by stored programs. Uncomplicated storage of the reinforcing cage and welding data via appropriate programs noticeably relieves the staff in day-to-day production.

All the machines for manufacture of construction-steel reinforcing cages for columns, bore piles and impact-driven piles are delivered in standard versions for right-hand operation, also for left-hand operation on request.

Maximum individualization as corporate philosophy

The individual coordination of the machine specifications with the customers’ requirement profile takes place jointly with the customer and the company’s in-house technology team. Apart from this philosophy, a high service concept characterizes the company’s daily business. The LAN/WLAN connection is a valuable basis for uncomplicated remote online maintenance. Customer orientation at mbk additionally includes active communication and fast reaction to their requirements and wishes. This is made possible by global networking between customers, partners and subsidiaries, in which requirements become ideas. These ideas are then further developed and realized to produce a solution jointly with the mbk competency team.

The short production downtimes of the machines in case of repair are the result of an actively implemented service concept and an effectively networked organization of worldwide service support points. In this way, both well-trained service personnel and spare parts are very quickly available.

Professional innovation performance at mbk

Mbk moreover offers attractive modernization concepts for old generations of mbk machines as well as interesting conversion possibilities for adaption of operational applications and for increasing production output. Retrofitting of safety concepts in line with the state of the art is often decisive for ensuring reliable production in the future.

All these aspects are part of a professional innovation performance at mbk to ensure that its customers are always a decisive step ahead.


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