New RSM-045 cage welding machine for precast driven piles

The new RSM-045 cage welding machine from mbk has been designed for the manufacture of precast driven piles used in constructing deep and shallower foundations. This system  is  known for its extremely high reliability, ease of handling, and stable construction – is intended for rigorous everyday production work in precast concrete plants.

The new series of RSM cage welding machines was developed specifically for precast driven pile systems in the manufacture of reinforcement products for foundations with square dimensions.

Its newly developed welding point control system enables the RSM-045 to achieve enormous welding performance with premium welding quality.


Up to 750 linear meters per shift

The RSM-045 from mbk has been especially developed for maximum production flexibility. Its simple and rapid change of settings couldn’t be easier. The cage lengths of the RSM-045 range from 2,500 to 12,000 mm and the standard longitudinal wire diameter, from 10 to 20 mm – optionally up to 25 mm. The winding wire diameter lies between 5 and 8 mm. The exterior flank lengths of the cages range from 132 mm to 355 mm. This enables the manufacture of piles with dimensions from 175 x 175 mm to 400 x 400 mm. The great range of the winding wire pitch (from 20 mm to 200 mm) is characteristic of the RSM-045 and can be adapted to customers’ requirements.

The production performance of the RSM-045 is impressive – up to 750 linear meters per shift are possible, depending on the properties of a cage. A clearly arranged touch panel ensures simple handling and programming. Reinforcement cage and welding data can be easily saved by the cage program, which noticeably facilitates day-to-day production.


Maintenance service by LAN connection

The equipment of the RSM-045 is tailored to meet the strict requirement profiles in driven pile production. Automatic longitudinal wire clamping, longitudinal wire support, cage supports, simple winding wire guidance up to weld point, and proven mbk welding technology guarantee stable production processes.

The mains power ratings are 400 V and 50 Hz, which can be optionally adapted to country-specific requirements. The standard ambient temperature possible ranges up to +40 °C, and an increase of up to +55 °C is possible, to account for conditions in specific regions.

The mbk service team provides simple and uncomplicated support by LAN connection at any time to ensure operational reliability.

With the new RSM-045, the mbk development and technical team have designed a cage welding machine whose specifications are harmonized with and adapted to the requirement profile of an innovative market. With the simple and efficient RSM-045, a welding machine for the manufacture of precast driven piles is now available. Optionally, mbk offers specific adaptation for production of different types of piles. For nearly all concrete pile systems and for every deep foundation, mbk knows the optimal and reliable solution.


VSM High-Speed Series

Types VSM-V and VSM-S from mbk are also designed for the production of precast driven piles. The particular distinguishing feature of the VSM High-Speed Series is automation of all processes as well as straightening of the longitudinal wires from the coil by the DRA-M straightening and cutting machine. Automatic stacking of the longitudinal wires into the welding unit, automatic welding, and removal and stacking of the completed cages by a Pacman are other superior properties that have a noticeable positive effect on the production process. The nearly fully automatic processing of the production process achieves markedly higher production output.

Mbk can draw on a wealth of experience and on the enormous expertise it has gathered since its foundation in 1961: more than 1,100 welding machines have been manufactured since then.

In its sector, mbk has long been known as a proficient partner whose reinforcement solutions are in demand worldwide. Machine engineering developed and manufactured by mbk not only meets individual and the strictest customer requirements in terms of stability, longevity, and precision of manufacture: aspects such as sustainability and efficiency have also long been rooted in the company’s philosophy and are among the core benefits that apply to all mbk products.


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