New hall with second pallet circulation system for double-wall and slab element production at Rector Lesage

The company Rector Lesage began in 2018 to establish a production unit in order to increase its production capacity and to extend its product range by adding double walls. This plant now ensures production of conventional insulated double walls that incorporate formliners and slab elements. The plant is planned for location in Tournefeuille, near Toulouse, in France, directly adjacent to the existing 6,500 m² historical production facility for beams, columns and slab elements.

At that time as well, Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG supplied essential components of this circulation system with machines, pallets and formwork system, which was commissioned in 2004.

Market leader for prestressed beams

Rector Lesage is one of the market leaders for prestessed beams in France, which are installed in one-third of all buildings. Rector is, in addition, the second-largest manufacturer of precast elements as well as the third-largest manufacturer of precast walls for buildings. The company currently employs a workforce of around 1,000. For design of the 7,700 m² building on a total area of 95,000 m² in Tournefeuille, an investment of around 20 million euros took place, with only the latest digital tools.

For a number of months now, and thanks to this modern planning, Rector successfully manufactures double walls and floor elements in two-shift operation. The plant thus offers a capacity of 500,000 m² of flat slabs annually. Since January of 2022, production has increased to three shifts.

Highly automated plant

Rector has highly automated the plant to attain the aforementioned performance. For the automatic concrete spreader with valves and gantry transport, Rector once again chose Weckenmann as supplier. For three decades, Rector has used the Weckenmann high-quality and robust concrete spreader with a long service life.

The scope of delivery of this Swabian plant engineering firm moreover includes 60 pallets, together with the appropriate formwork system, which are the central core of the circulation system and ensure the performance capacity of the plant. Weckenmann furthermore delivered the pallet lubricator and lifting equipment with lifting beam, which is controlled by a purpose-made stabilization construction. Four load beams are individually powered by one each driving motor via slip clutch. The floor slab is supported by a maximum of 24 spring-loaded load hooks.

The Regional Manager of Rector Tournefeuille, Thierry Boutonnet, plans to manufacture in future both standard products and purpose-made elements.

With its production, the Tournefeuille location in Toulouse serves a large area: extending from Montpellier to Bordeaux, and crossing the department of Aveyron in the north and in the south all the way to the Pyrenees.


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