Solid and double walls from one source

Plant expansion for manufacturing double walls  

In February 2010, the first double wall production line was put into operation at company Trabis located in Yecla in the region of Murcia in the south-east of Spain. The solid wall production line installed three years ago by Vollert and their partners was expanded in such a manner that it is now possible to manufacture also double walls in a cost-effective and efficient way besides the solid walls being manufactured so far.

The Trabis Prefabricado Arquitectonico S.L.U. company has been producing structural precast concrete elements, such as columns and beams with non-prestressed and prestressed reinforcement as well as solid walls for industrial construction, on a pallet circulation system in a newly built production facility since 2006. Vollert Anlagenbau of Weinsberg (Germany) was awarded a contract for the overall plant design, as being an experienced and reliable partner.


Pallet circulation system

In the early planning stage in 2005, the pallet circulation system had been designed in such a manner that solid...

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