New environmentally friendly mixer protection Intaktin Bio

MC-Bauchemie‘s Intaktin system comprises ready-to-use, solvent-free and easy-to-spray oils for mixer protection. MC-Bauchemie‘s mixer protection system has now been expanded to include Intaktin Bio, an environmentally friendly, phytogenic oil-based mixer protection. As a protective and maintenance agent, it has very good creeping properties and a high anti-corrosion effect and not only effectively protects construction equipment and tools of all kinds against concrete and mortar residues, but is also rapidly biodegradable.

The environmentally friendly mixer protection Intaktin Bio from MC-Bauchemie is based on a new generation of raw materials. Thanks to the optimum combination of phytogenic oils and adhesion-reducing special additives, Intaktin Bio meets the highest environmental standards and offers effective, long-lasting protection for concrete mixers, concrete pumps and construction equipment of all kinds, such as mortar mixers, concrete buckets, etc. It is both suitable for the maintenance of formwork panels and rails and magnets in precast plants as well as for loosening rusted threads. In addition, Intaktin Bio contains a special corrosion inhibitor that effectively protects steel from rusting. It is robust and universally applicable in summer and winter both in precast and ready-mix concrete plants as well as on the construction site.


High effectiveness

Intaktin Bio prevents mortar and concrete from sticking in mixers and other equipment. The environmentally friendly mixer protection is usually sprayed on after equipment cleaning with the MC special sprayer or other commercially available, oil-resistant sprayers. Equipment and tools that are regularly treated with Intaktin Bio are easy and quick to clean. In many cases, regular treatment with Intaktin Bio can even release hardened concrete or mortar residues from surfaces.


High level of environmental and occupational health and safety

Intaktin Bio has been tested according to OECD 301 F and, with a degradation rate of 89% after 28 days, is classified as rapidly biodegradable. The mixer protection is label-free according to the CLP Regulation, which governs the classification, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures in Europe. This means that it does not have to be labeled with any warnings. It also meets very high standards of environmental protection and health and safety at work.


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