New Aircrete AAC Panel Plant in Latin America

A new AAC plant was delivered to Mexico City as a turn-key greenfield project and successfully commissioned in November 2015 by Aircrete Europe. The 1,000 m3/day block and panel production facility is currently one of the technologically most advanced AAC plants in the world.

In 2012, early talks were held between Dutch and Mexican partners to construct a new AAC production facility in the area of Mexico City to address the continued growth of the region’s construction sector. Throughout 2013, a customized project design – phase 1 – was conducted by Aircrete Europe to identify in detail the technical and financial scope of the complete project. Seeing that the AAC material was relatively new to the market, it required an in-depth analysis and so the scope of project preparation became very wide. It included areas such as: collecting and testing the available raw...

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