AAC: Besser and Aircrete have teamed up

Besser Company and Aircrete Europe have teamed up to offer producers the opportunity to expand their product lines with Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). Aircrete offers an innovative lightweight concrete products manufacturing technology, which provides a proven, fast, durable and cost-effective building system with prefab AAC structural elements.

Currently, production of AAC in the United States is limited to a single manufacturing facility in Florida. Tens of thousands of cubic feet are imported annually to satisfy the growing demand for lightweight building systems using aerated concrete. This increasing demand is driving the need for additional manufacturing facilities.

Eco-friendly material

AAC is a durable and complete building solution with a proven track record in Europe, Asia and the Americas; the US market will undoubtedly benefit from increased AAC usage. The use of AAC, in the form of blocks and panels, began in the US in the late 90’s. Projects that use(d) AAC are located in Georgia, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Illinois and New York. AAC meets the required UL and ASTM product specifications.


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