B. T. Innovation

Modernization dynamics at Drössler Group

In early 2014, the management of Drössler Group decided to replace its formwork equipment as part of the company’s production line extension project. To do so, the related technology specifications had to be defined prior to project implementation.

The engineers at the company based in Siegen, Germany, put particular emphasis on flexible form supports. The new production line was to easily enable varying form heights without having to intervene in the workflow. Furthermore, single-shift operation should be possible. The standard equipment package was to ensure production of high-quality, highly accurate precast elements with a perfect finish and tolerances reduced to a minimum. The use of this system should result in time and cost savings due to its easier handling.

Accurate and lightweight

After a thorough selection proc-ess, Drössler chose the products offered by B.T. Innovation, based in Magdeburg, Germany. As early as during the first site visit in April, the MultiForm support system was selected to be able to cover the entire range of uses on the extended production line. 90% of the formwork supports were to be fixed by ultra-lightweight MagFly AP magnets whereas the remaining 10% were to be held in place by MagFly 1600/k magnets with adaptor plate to ensure the high degree of flexibility required for custom precast elements. These plans were immediately included in a binding quotation because the Drössler executive board, plant and production managers quickly agreed on the best solution.

This extremely flexible form support system meets exceedingly demanding requirements in terms of accuracy and lightness. It can be used for almost any conceivable purpose, including the production of solid and sandwich walls, landing and balcony slabs, columns and other elements. Furthermore, supports can be lined with various facings, such as timber, plastic or steel, to provide even more design freedom and open up a wider range of possible applications. MagFly AP magnets ensure effortless and secure positioning of the form supports. According to the manufacturer, B. T. Innovation, its magnetic force of 22 kN and weight of just 5.4 kilograms make this magnet the best-in-class option worldwide in terms of its magnetic force/weight ratio. Its integrated adaptor ensures full compatibility with the MultiForm support system, thus enabling quick and easy handling and outstanding results.

Lower costs of

sourcing and disposal

A second site visit took place in June to agree on the detailed plant design. Three different MultiForm sizes were included to accommodate form heights varying from 15 to 50 cm. Likewise, MultiForm supports should be delivered in four different lengths. Delivery dates were agreed with the B.T. Innovation experts to enable gradual completion of the steel tables and step-by-step mounting of accessories on the tables of the new production line.

Drössler Group greatly appreciates the state-of-the-art B. T. magnet and formwork equipment primarily because of its longevity and easy handling. “Both aspects ensure a short payback period for the investment and a highly efficient commissioning process. Other positive effects include cost savings in both sourcing and disposal as well as reduced material consumption, such as timber,” says Dipl.-Ing. Christian Drössler, managing director of the company.


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