Formwork system for efficient production of concrete
elements of various heights

Precast plants can nowadays no longer afford to tread water. Owing to rising costs, production processes must be tested for their efficiency and revised if necessary. Procedures for stationary and carousel systems, in particular, were for the most part specified in detail years ago. B.T. innovation GmbH from Magdeburg in Germany has developed the MultiForm Duo for still more cost-efficient organization.


Innovative solution for formwork technology – MultiForm Duo

This formwork system supplements the time-tested MultiForm systems. The MultiForm Duo, manufactured from anodized aluminum, is an absolute lightweight in its class and – despite its small mass – is re-usable over the long term. The formwork system consists of two lateral parts, connected to each other via web plates. These provide, in addition, the interface for the in-house MagFly AP magnets with which the formwork system can be fixed in place on the form table. With the aid of the lateral parts, formwork panels of various heights can be affixed to the formwork system. This enables production with a formwork system to realize wall thicknesses of 100 to 350 mm.

The MultiForm Duo can be manufactured individually so that the heights of the lateral parts can be adjusted to the special requirements of the precast plant. The formwork system, following attachment of the formwork panels, can be directly used without further preparation, saving both time and work. These factors enables users to organize their production flows still more efficiently, and to reduce production costs.



B.T. innovation GmbH

Sudenburger Wuhne 60

39116 Magdeburg/Germany

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