Innovation: Phiadukt

The possibility to get information on the processing status of all orders independent of place and time, an early-warning system for potential supply bottlenecks, preventing the own company from unavoidable delays and production disruptions as well as a customized ordering proposal: All these are features behind the vision of


Anytime, everywhere and transparent

Since August 2021, the Philipp Group has been building a virtual bridge to the partners with its Phiadukt online portal. Based on customer feedback, the portal has continued to develop in an agile manner since then.

On the basis of transparent data in real time, which are available at any time, they started with an ordering management system for warehouse keepers, material planners and procurement managers in the field of transport and mounting systems for the precast industry.  Apart from the obligatory multilingualism, it is meanwhile taken for granted to view the status of ones deliveries or to be informed on potential changes and delays.


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